Project Tag: branding

Vic’s Vegan Bakes

When a person comes our way looking to reposition their brand, we revel the chance to aid them on the journey to reflecting their honest identity. With a brand like Vic’s Vegan Bakes (bursting with so much life, colour and passion) we knew there was a lot we could do to bring that energy out... Read more »

Jimmy Coco

Working within an existing brand can pose a unique challenge for designers: how can you best serve a brand and bring your own creativity to bare on the project without blurring a tried and tested image? We’ve always felt up to the task and we got that chance when Jimmy Coco and his team reached... Read more »

Ridiculously Rich

We’re firm believers that with passion, obsession and determination you can make your bring your ideas to life; those are the kind of people we work with on a daily basis. Alana Spencer took that notion, ran with it and took it to the top. On the heels of winning The Apprentice 2016, Alanna came... Read more »


Avant Garde Vegan

Veganism is no doubt sweeping the globe right now and one of the forefront figureheads is Gaz Oakley aka the Avant Garde Vegan. He’s built up a massive online reputation through his youthful and creative recipe videos redefining the idea of veganism to vegans and non-vegans alike. As his popularity was quickly booming, Gaz wanted... Read more »

Icon Days

We always try to put ourselves on the same level as our clients and see the spark that projects them to embrace and push forward with their ideas. With Icon Days, it was clear very quickly there was a huge confidence in their approach to leap into an already fiercely broad market with a fresh... Read more »

The Bucket List

Approaching a brief with the chance to flex our creativity is always a good day in the office. But when we get to explore a brief that captivates our individual passions, we flex hard. When The Bucket List contacted us, we were instantly on the same page: an authentic American sports/dive bar with enough of... Read more »


In our early meetings of a brand’s development, we’re always excited to hear a fresh idea and the people’s aspirations behind those ideas. With UniNights, we saw how eager they were to break the mould and their dynamics and determination allowed us to build a stark, impactful identity. The idea for UniNights was so simple,... Read more »