Wunda Smart.

In today’s ever expanding market, it’s refreshing to see when a business recognises the respect for its ideas enough to outsource to aid their vision closer towards to finish line. Industry experts in under-floor heating, Wunda Group PLC has an ambition to provide ease and comfort whilst also offering energy and money saving services for its customers. They understand their industry, but they understand and respect their customers even more.

Their latest venture in their ethos lead to Wunda Smart, the simplest and smartest way of controlling your heating at home from wherever you are. It needed an identity speaking directly to customers and the positive impact of having a hassle free home-control system at an affordable and approachable cost. ‘It’s the simplicity that makes it smart’ they once told us. With that at the forefront, we went big.

In trusting us with complete autonomy of the brand, packaging, website, app design and general creative direction, we came away with a bold identity just as refreshing as the Wunda Smart lifestyle offers.