Building a start-up business is no easy decision. Nobody approaches that big of a lifestyle shift if they didn’t want to change their lives for the better with an amazing idea they’re passionate about. We have a huge space in our hearts for start-ups: there’s nothing more exciting to us than having a part to play in watching the spark turn into a fire. When Wholehearted came into our lives, we knew we were collaborating with a business with big ambitions.

Wholehearted have a broad vision with their expansion and are making a strong start with their vast range of plant-based, cold pressed juices and nut milks. Alongside creating their brand, we were hands on in every step of bringing these juices into fruition; from the label design to sourcing the BPA bottles and eco-labels.

The moment we met Rhod and Sophie they instantly put a lot of trust in our abilities to create a brand they can grow with. We wanted to capture that energy and form an honest representation of the radiance of their purpose.

Food photography by Manon Houston

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