Vic’s Vegan Bakes.

When a person comes our way looking to reposition their brand, we revel the chance to aid them on the journey to reflecting their honest identity. With a brand like Vic’s Vegan Bakes (bursting with so much life, colour and passion) we knew there was a lot we could do to bring that energy out in the forefront. 

Proudly progressive and enthusiastically ambitious, Vic needed a rebrand that shows the world that she and her bakes are like nothing else out there. 

Vic needed to show the growth of her brand, not only from where she came from but also where she wants to be. By creating a broad bank of assets for her identity, Vic has the tools to present her business head and shoulders above the rest on a nationwide platform.

You can visit Vic’s website here… and maybe treat yourself to the BEST vegan cakes whilst you’re there.

Studio photography by Raghouse Studio