In our early meetings of a brand’s development, we’re always excited to hear a fresh idea and the people’s aspirations behind those ideas. With UniNights, we saw how eager they were to break the mould and their dynamics and determination allowed us to build a stark, impactful identity.

The idea for UniNights was so simple, we were stunned it didn’t already exist: a central destination for all events aimed at students in each city. The team needed a brand to portray the confidence of their idea, so we gave it to them. We started with how they started, a few simple words: “The home of your night out”.

The entire brand needed to leap from the user’s page, billboard, computer and phone. Gradient shadows gave us a lot of leeway to add a vast sections of depth, leaving text to boldly speak for itself in its casual, confident tone. We understood quickly that the central ambition for UniNights was to offer a resource that captures the energy of youth and not panders to it; something that in breaking the mould, somehow blends into it.