Sette Skin.

Skincare is an ever-growing and expanding market, so it’s essential for brands to stand out from the competition. As the market broadens, consumers are becoming more and more connected to independent skincare brands that strive to achieve proven results. Lisa from Sette came to us bursting with energy and passion to create a delicate and minimalist brand that represents her passion for skincare, but also with a vision to voice her Italian heritage and love for Wales. She came to us with one word: Sette. A name given to her grandfather Settimio for being the 7th child in his family. He and Lisa’s Nonna spent their life harvesting natural ingredients for his family’s hygiene and wellbeing.

With Lisa’s passion, we sculpted a brand that represents natural process and harnessing of raw materials, whilst also having a cleansing and high end inflection. The earthy colours and rough sketches contrasting with open spaces and rigid type hierarchies has given the Sette the voice of heritage and the voice of clean living.