Ridiculously Rich.

We’re firm believers that with passion, obsession and determination you can make your bring your ideas to life; those are the kind of people we work with on a daily basis. Alana Spencer took that notion, ran with it and took it to the top.

On the heels of winning The Apprentice 2016, Alanna came to us with a vision to project Ridiculously Rich to as wide an audience as possible. Instantly, we sought to build a voice that spoke for her personality and irresistible products with a popping teal blue as the starting point. This formed the connecting backbone for all the packaging, POS, print, digital and social connect we’ve worked on together.

During her time on The Apprentice, one of the key aspects to her win was her ability to collaborate and build a successful working relationship with partners. Alanna carried that energy to us from day one, meaning we’re still teaming up with her on Ridiculously Rich’s exciting future to this day.