Jimmy Coco.

Working within an existing brand can pose a unique challenge for designers: how can you best serve a brand and bring your own creativity to bare on the project without blurring a tried and tested image? We’ve always felt up to the task and we got that chance when Jimmy Coco and his team reached out to us.

As THE tanning guy in Hollywood, Jimmy Coco has built an impressive name for himself with a client list featuring Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Kendell Jenner, the Victoria Secret models to name a few. He wanted to reconnect with his audience and remould his identity to support both his existing clients and potential ones.

Jimmy’s built up his brand and reputation in his own style, so we wanted to simply revilitise, renovate and polish his identity, lending more to the glam than the glitter. Jimmy isn’t just the face of a brand, he’s the engineer of it and in working with him and his team, we religned the Jimmy Coco image to glow just as much as his tans do.