Icon Days.

We always try to put ourselves on the same level as our clients and see the spark that projects them to embrace and push forward with their ideas. With Icon Days, it was clear very quickly there was a huge confidence in their approach to leap into an already fiercely broad market with a fresh take. With our love for independent business and experience in product design, we took that leap with them as well.

In considering our objectives, we always embrace pushing our creativity to its limits. With a graphic environment, we control edits right down to the pixel, but in tackling the product series we needed a semi-controllable artistic method with raw artistic techniques (charcoal pastels, potato prints, lino printing, cut outs) to produce merchandise that fluidly fits into the user’s life without screaming its way in.

From then, we knew where the brand could shine through and how to build an identity that compliments the tone of its mission and what it offers. We paired Icon Days’ confidence in their ability to deliver consistent engagement with an expressive landscape full of scope to fluidly mould around their output. In short, Icon Days is ready to put huge fun back into the functional.