Christmas Jumper.

Sometimes in our line of work, we’re prone to creating designs by pure accident. We put a lot of thought and process into everything we do, but some things just happen. After downloading a Sweater mockup for a project, we put the words “Christmas Jumper.” as a placeholder before we continued. We had two options: 1) ignore this and move on. Or 2) create a brand, print 250 jumpers in 3 different colours and run an e-commerice site on alongside our busy schedule.  Of course we did 2).

We were firm in our idea and wanted the challenge to establish an ecommerce business that required constant monitoring and strategy. We used this as an opportunity to work as a team and learn much more closely how our designs and actions impact the sales process.

Two years in and we’re going from strength to strength with our sights firmly set onto bigger targets.