Avant Garde Vegan.

Veganism is no doubt sweeping the globe right now and one of the forefront figureheads is Gaz Oakley aka the Avant Garde Vegan. He’s built up a massive online reputation through his youthful and creative recipe videos redefining the idea of veganism to vegans and non-vegans alike. As his popularity was quickly booming, Gaz wanted to consider and curate an overall identity of himself outside of YouTube and on his channel. That’s where we stepped in.

The aim: build a brand that moulds itself around his existing identity online and form an image versatile enough to carry him into his bigger ambitions. With Gaz redefining the view of Veganism, we naturally needed to approach his brand in the same way.

Gaz’s colourful, eye-catching food speaks for itself, so we devised an image that exists alongside his food and nothing too overshadowing. By pairing the raw textures and industrial printing techniques with vibrant typographics and sparky animation, the Avant Garde Vegan brand makes just as much of a statement as Gaz’s inventive plant based recipes.