Hi, I’m Jordan, the newest addition to the White Sky team. I’ll be working on all of the upcoming design projects alongside Josh and Ed, which I’m very excited to be involved in.

As a designer I enjoy creating experimental and illustrative artwork combined with decorative and loud typography, exploring fresh ways to communicate visually, particularly in music based design projects. I began in the creative realm as an illustrator, obsessed with drawing and doodling, trying to convey a clever or witty message. The love for image making and communication led me to discover Graphic Design.

I’m always looking up what other creatives are doing, some of the campaigns that have caught my eye recently have been Parklife Festival’s fun and energetic branding, as well as Ilovedust and their work for Nike. Studying work that’s already out there I find is a great way to challenge myself and produce higher standards of work.

My Journey to White Sky began after finishing University and earning a first class Graphic Design degree, I then spent my time freelancing for a while, as well as picking up a number of internships at different UK studios. It was during that time I discovered White Sky Creative, a fun but professional studio that suited my design style down to the ground, incorporating illustrations, bold colours and carefully selected typography.

A month in and I’ve had the pleasure of producing a wide range of artwork, been in control of the office’s Spotify, playing tune after classic tune (Mason Ramsey – Famous is a personal favourite) and I have become a maestro, box to box, Paul Scholes-like player for our after work football match, where I also accidentally broke Josh’s ankle. (I passed him the ball and he fell over it!)

I look forward to meeting all future clients and friends of White Sky and producing high-level work to help elevate the company and I also plan on bringing my pet Dachshund named Slinky to the office to critique our work, he’s very particular!