Like most agencies, we started with an appreciation for design in our day-to-day lives. All it takes is to walk past a poster or a billboard and ask “Can I do that?”. From that thought, our story developed. We grew clients, we grew team members and we constantly challenged ourselves everyday. We’re in a good position right now, but we’re always looking past the billboard to bigger things.


client experiences.

"Working with White Sky was a perfect choice. After a massive year and a win on The Apprentice, I needed help to take my Ridiculously Rich concept designed on the show and turn it into a real-life brand. They totally got want I was trying to achieve and went above and beyond with getting the jobs done to my ever stressful headlines. I would highly recommend them to anyone!"

Alana Spencer, Ridiculously Rich

"We have been working with Josh for over 3 years now and he still manages to surprise us on each project. His design was key in shaping our brand all those years ago with a simplistic, yet hugely effective, design for our logo. He has a clear vision for each project and manages to meet design briefs whilst also going above and beyond, ensuring the personality of our event shines through."

Stu and Tom, The LHP

"Without a doubt the team at White Sky Creative have helped us at UniNights turn our dream into a reality. Our business is all about the development and association with a name and brand and White Sky delivered the perfect look and feel we were seeking and for that, we cannot thank them enough. They have given us fantastic help and advice getting UniNights off of the ground, would 100% recommend to anyone!"

Tom Shorey, UniNights

"When you work with designers your need them to not only have great creative ideas and design talent but the ability to transfer your ideas, brand the way you picture it in your head. Josh does this really well. He listens and then executes things on time and on budget. Great experience and that is why we work with him at White Sky Creative."

Georgia Jones, TLO

Our success is built on your success, so we work hard to make sure our approach can take your brand to the next level. Whether you’re a start-up looking to kick off the right way or an existing name looking to reconnect with your audience, we’re here to understand what you need, follow your vision and deliver results that exceed success.

We work with people we respect; people who respect themselves and are confident in their vision. Our involvement is as much as you need from us, whether it’s an ongoing relationship with your brand or a one-off showstopper.

our team.

Our work and outlook is driven by our relationship with our clients, but we also count ourselves lucky everyday we have the opportunity to exist as a creative collective, sharing common goals and pushing each other to seek new ones. Individually our ideas and enthusiasm can make great things, but when we come together we smash it.

Josh Cotterill
Josh founded White Sky during his university degree with his sights very much set on paving a career in design.

Instead of climbing the ladder in agencies up and down the country, he decided to create a brand that represents his own identity. White Sky Creative was born and his story as a designer and director developed from there.
Josh Price
With a craft based design approach that he’s developed from years as an experienced independent designer, Josh enjoys the physical and raw exploration of design that incorporates methods such as traditional printing and more tactile ways of creating.

With a keen eye for abstract and minimalistic aesthetics, Josh balances the simple and complex, creating compositions that provide projects with their own unique, confident voice, breathing new life into a brand that exceed client expectations.
Tom Collins
After gaining an International Society of Typographic Designers award and achieving the highest dissertation honour from Cardiff School of Art & Design, Tom worked as a freelance designer before joining the team at White Sky in 2019.

As a graphic designer Tom focuses on an in-depth research and system led design approach, taking into account every way a brand functions in the physical and digital space. Whether that’s undertaking a web design project, establishing a brand identity, curating a direction for photography or producing print collateral.